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Almost indestructible, the Sansevieria is also known as the snake plant or mother in law's tongue. They're native to tropical regions of Europe, Africa and Asia. They are a sure fire winner for any home because they are an easy care, shade lover and proven to remove many toxic elements from the air

So breathe easy with this unique and distinctive beauty. 

(Please note leaf cracking and some scarring may occur on their leaves)

They look good in our various pot ranges depending on size.

Plant Size:

Small D9cm H25cm

Medium D12cm H40cm

Large D14cm H50cm

Extra Large D24cm H100cm

Plant Care


He's pretty versatile so likes to be in indirect light in a nice shady spot, or can tolerate a little more light too. 


Water him when his soil is dry, and less in winter, he won't mind missing a feed. Allow the water to drain out to avoid root rot. The key to watering him is less is more. 


He'll be in happy in the temperature of your house all year round just keep him away from heating and draughts.


Toxic to cats, dogs and humans.