Chinese Evergreen

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The Aglaonema Crete, also known as the chinese evergreen, has beautifully coloured foliage and really makes for a decorative plant in the home. 

The green varieties can take lower light levels but this beauty needs to be in a nice bright spot, but out of direct sunlight. It can be a little bit harder to look after so do make sure you read our care guide to find out more.

Looks good in our large eno pots, Lisbon planters D13.5cm, small Nomad pots and stoneware green planter 

Plant Size: D12cm H35cm

Plant Care


She likes bright, indirect light, full sun will cause the leaves to brown, but not enough will cause the leaves to droop.


She's a little fussy. She likes to be in moist soil at all times, but not wet. If she gets too dry or over watered, the leaves will droop. Water more sparingly in winter.


She is happy with normal household humidity, just not dry air and keep her away from draughts.


Her sap is an eye and skin irritant so best kept away from animals and small children.