Euphorbia (Small)

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Euphorbia are a very large and diverse genus of flowering plants. There are many varieties of Euphorbia, with interestings shapes & colours that range from shrubs, herbs, or cactus look alikes.

We get different varieties week on week, from our trusted suppliers. We pick out the best one for you and update our pictures every week. 

A unique little addition to your indoor jungle and it looks good in our mini Eno pot, GP pots & planters, and mini como pots.  

Plant Size: D5.5cm

Plant care


Keep them in a bright spot, they will even take some direct sunlight but not too much. A west or south facing spot will be the best.


Allow the soil to become dry to the touch between watering. Feed them once a month in the summer months. 


They don't  like the cold nor draughts so make sure they're kept over 13 degrees. 


They're toxic to pets and humans.

Top Tip: If you repot him make sure to use our Cacti & Succulent Soil