October Plant

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The Sedum Sieboldii is also known as the 'October' plant as it flowers in Autumn and originates from Japan. It is a flowering perennial succulent that produces pink, star shaped flowers in autumn off the thick waxy round serrated, blue-green leaves that grow in whorls of three around a thin stem. 

An awesome succulent which can go ages without water and makes for a great hanger the way it grows.

Plant size:

D10.5cm H15cm

D13cm L22cm

Plant Care


She likes a sunny, well-lit position and will take some full sun. She is dormant during the winter, therefore place her in a cooler spot with less sunlight.


Allow the soil to dry out between waterings. Fertilise her during the growing months in spring/summer and less in winter.


She doesn't really require much humidity but make sure she's in a room around 15-20 degrees.


She's a non toxic plant but do be careful around curious pets.