Oxalis (Shamrock Plant)

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Universally known to bring you good luck the Oxalis Triangular also known as the Shamrock Plant or Good Luck Plant and is native to Brazil.

It produces pinkish or white coloured blooms which are an attractive addition to it’s rich purple leaves. Like the prayer plant it’s photonastic, so expect it to open and close it’s leaves from day to night.

Looks good in our Large Eno Pot, and Seagrass Pots.

Plant size: D12cm H20cm

Plant Care


She likes bright, indirect light. Best in a window facing east or west to provide bright light for a few hours a day.


She needs to be watered when the top two inches of soil are dry. Give her less water in winter.


She will be fine in normal room humidity. 


Non Toxic, It's edible lols