Chinese Money Plant

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Pilea Peperomia is also known as the pancake, UFO and Chinese money plant. Originally from China and are believed to bring good luck, fortune and abundance, so it makes a great housewarming gift. It’s leaves are flat and round like big green coins and can span out up to 30cm, a great addition to any home.

Looks great in our Lisbon Planters, Eno Pots and Como Pots

Plant Size:

Mini D6cm H15cm

Small D12cm H20cm

Medium D14cm D20cm

Plant Care


He likes to be in bright, indirect light. Rotate him every time you water him as they like to reach for the sun, this will encourage even growth. 


Water when the top few inches of soil are dry. He needs good drainage so make sure you keep him in his plastic pot and let the water drain through before putting him back in his decorative pot. 


 He likes a dry environment so no need for any extra humidity. 


Non toxic to pets.