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Native to East Asia the Epipremnum Aureum is also known as the 'Happy Leaf' or 'Manjula' Pothos. It has pretty, marbled white and green variegated leaves and will eventually trail down making it a great plant to drape off a shelf or in a hanger. A small and compact houseplant which it's leaves will brighten if kept in sufficient light.


Suits our Medium Pot range and Hanging Pot range. 

Plant Size: D12cm H15cm

Plant Care


She's happy in low light conditions, but grows faster indirect bright light.


Water her once a week in summer months and a little less in winter. When the top couple of inches of soil are dry, give her a drink, she likes moist soil at all times.


She loves humidity therefore would thrive in the kitchen or bathroom. If you can't put her in one of these rooms, she'll enjoy a mist but she can live in cold or warm temperatures. 


Toxic to pets and humans