Alocasia Zebrina

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Originally from Southeast Asia, native to the rain forest, the Alocasia Zebrina has very unique zebra patterned stems and big leaves which resemble elephant ears, it's other name. Its large leaves will follow the path of the light so make sure you have him in a nice bright spot. 

A little tricky to care for, but looks awesome in the home. Works well with our Large Pot range.

Plant Care


She likes to be in bright, indirect light. Rotate her every time you water her to make sure she's getting plenty sun. If not, the stems will grow taller to try and find the sunlight.


Water her regularly, she likes to be in moist but not wet soil.  Water less in winter as the soil will take longer to dry and a lot of moisture is kept in it's stems. 


She loves warmth and humidity, mimicking her tropical environment. Mist her least once a week. You can also sit her close to other plants or in a pebble tray. 


She is toxic and should not be eaten. Also, could be a skin and eye irritant because of the sap from her leaves.