Fittonia (Nerve Plant)

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Originally from Peru, these beautiful little nerve plants do well in terrariums as they thrive in humidity. Also known as the nerve plant, mosaic plant or painted net leaf plant, they grow around 3-6 inches tall and 12-18 inch spread. 

Colours vary each week but we generally get green, pink and red. We pick out the perfect one for you based on your name. 

Will look good in our Happy Pots, Small Skittle Pots and Terrariums.

Plant Size: D8.5cm H10cm

Plant Care


He likes to be in indirect, filtered light or part shade. He will get more growth in bright, indirect light and you may even see some little yellow flowers. 


He likes moist, well drained soil so water him dry out between waterings. Try and use room temperature water so you don't shock him. Avoid overwatering as this can lead to root rot.


He prefers humid conditions similar to those found in rainforests. Misting him will keep him from drying out. Avoid him getting any draughts.


Kind to animals and humans