Calathea Pinstripe

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The tropical Calathea Ornata Sanderiana also known as the Pink Pinstripe plant because of it's amazing pink stripe pattern on it's glossy green leaves.

A real statement plant but can be tricky to care for so do read on.

Looks great with our Costa Pots, Reactive Glaze Range and our GP Modular Planters.

Plant Size:

Small D12cm H35cm

Medium D14cm H50cm

Large D19cm H65cm

Plant Care


Keep her in a nice bright spot but out of direct sunlight so you don't burn her pretty pink leaves. She will be happy in a shadier spot too.


Keep her soil moist but don't over saturate her. Water when the top couple of inches of soil are dry. When you water her, make sure you drain out the water from the nursery pot to avoid her sitting in a puddle and getting root rot.


She loves moist air so if she isn't getting enough humidity you could try misting her, putting a bowl of water near her or putting her close to other plants to create their own micro climate.


She's non toxic to cats and dogs.