String of Dolphins

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From South Africa is this awesome, rare, cross-pollination of Senecio Rowleyanus and Senecio Articulatus, the Senecio Peregrinus. Known as the string of dolphins, this beautiful trailing succulent which resembles little dolphins bobbing along the stems, branching out and down can grow up to 1m if you care for it properly, so do read on. 

Plant size in nursery pot: D12cm L25cm

Plant Care


She likes a sunny, well-lit position, can take some full sun.


Allow it to dry out before watering. Treat like a succulent. Try watering from the bottom to prevent rot. Fertilise her during the growing months in spring/summer.


She doesn't really require much humidity but make sure she is in a room around 15-20 degrees.


She’s a toxic plant.