Little Tree Plant (shy plant)

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The Biophytum sensitivum, also known as the Little Tree plant is native to South East Asia and India and can be found near streams and waterfalls, therefore a moisture lover and is naturally shaded by trees.

It resembles a small palm tree with a tall stem and lots of green leaves which fold downwards, but at night the branches fold up. The delicate leaves also respond to environmental changes, such as watering, touch and stress. Even flowers in the summer months, a cool plant to add to your urban jungle. 

Plant size: D9cm H9cm 


Keep him in medium light


He likes his soil moist but don't over saturate. Water when the top couple of inches of soil are dry.


He loves moist air so if they aren’t getting enough, you could try misting him, sitting him on a pebble tray or try putting them close to other plants to create their own microclimate. 


He is non toxic to pets and humans.