Pothos Moss Pole

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The Epipremnum Aureum is a plant of many names, known as the Golden Pothos, Devil’s Ivy & Ceylon Creeper, It’s from the Araceae family and is native to somewhere fancy in the French Polynesia.

It has beautiful heart shape leaves and it won’t fall out of love with you if you don’t water it.

This is a tough house plant to kill so great for all those who aren’t the best at looking after indoor plants.

Looks good in our Lisbon Planter and Rattan Baskets.

Plant Size: 

Small D15cm H60cm

Large D21cm H100cm 

Plant Care


He's happiest in indirect light and will tolerate a shady spot too. He will grow more in a brighter spot.


Water him once a week in summer months and a little less in winter. When the top couple of inches of soil are dry, give him a drink. 


He loves humidity therefore would thrive in the kitchen or bathroom. If you can't put him in one of these rooms, he'll enjoy a mist.


Toxic to pets and humans

Tip: Give him a trim if the vines get a little unruly.