Calathea Freddie

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The Calathea Concinna also known as the Calathea Freddie, are a tropical plant native to the northwestern regions of Brazil.

Calatheas move and open their leaves up towards the sun throughout the day, before they close up and goes to sleep at night.

These cuties are pretty on the eye and interesting to watch.

Plant Size:

D7cm H15cm 

D12cm H35cm

Plant Care


He prefers medium to bright indirect light, direct sun will burn his pretty leaves and his colours will fade. 


Best to leave him until the top few inches of soil have dried out and be careful not to over water. 


Like most tropical plants, little Freddie enjoys being misted. If the air is too dry his leave tips will start to brown.


Freddie will not harm your cat or dog if they try to eat him (he'd prefer it if they didn't though)