Begonia Rex

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The Begonia Rex is a tropical plant with many varieties, which are very colourful, have unique leaf patterns, markings and colours.

This variety has deep maroon/purple leaves underneath, with light green tops and veiny purple markings on top. 

Originating from South America, Asia and Africa, the Begonia thrives in high humidity and needs the right balance of sun, water and food to live as a houseplant so do read on for how to care.

We think she looks good in our Eno pot,  Grooved planter and Amber reactive glazed planter.

Plant Size: D13cm H25cm

Plant care


She likes to be kept in a nice bright spot, but out of actual direct sunlight. She will tolerate partial shade. 


Water her once the soil starts to feel dry, but not to the point she starts to wilt and less in the winter months.


She loves high humidity and warmth, so pop her close to other plants to microclimate or use a pebble tray. You can get spotting on the leaves if you mist her so try to avoid.


Toxic to pets and humans.