Begonia Listada

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Native to Brazil, this is one of the most spectacular foliage Begonias. The leaves are an elongated oval, dark green in colour with the central veins being a striking yellow with a bright green border. The flowers are white and covered in red hairs.

Adds texture and colour to your urban jungle. Looks good in our small seagrass pot, lisbon planters and medium craqueleur glaze pot.

Plant size: D12cm H30cm

Plant care


She likes to be kept in a nice bright spot, but out of actual direct sunlight. She will tolerate partial shade. 


Water her once the soil starts to feel dry, but not to the point she starts to wilt and less in the winter months.


She loves high humidity and warmth, so pop her close to other plants to microclimate or use a pebble tray. You can get spotting on the leaves if you mist her so try to avoid.


Toxic to pets and humans.