Maidenhair Fern

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The Adiantum Caudatum originates from South East Asia and known as the Walking Maidenhair or Trailing Maidenhair Fern. Even though its hardy, it has delicate, lacy leaves and is pretty slow-growing. 

These ferns are tricky to keep healthy in an indoor environment as they need humidity and thrive on moisture, so it needs quite a bit of love and care to survive.

Looks good in our Antique Pots, Sandwire Pots, and Wonky Pot.

Plant Size: D8.5cm H10cm

Plant Care


He likes partial light to low shade. If he's exposed to too much sun his leaves will scorch. He will be happy in a moist environment like the bathroom.


He likes moist but well drained soil. Water when the top couple inches of soil are dry. 


He like moist air so mist him every few days. 


Non toxic to pets and children