Euphorbia Lactea Cristata

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The euphorbia lactea cristata, also known as the Coral Cactus (which is a misnomer) is actually two succulents grafted together. The wavy, coral-like top of the fan-shaped succulent is a mutation of Euphorbia lactea, and then grafted onto the root stock of another succulent.

Looks good in our Medium Pot range. 

Plant size: D8.5cm H23cm

Plant care


Keep him in a bright spot, he will even take some direct sunlight but not too much. A  west or south facing spot will be the best.


Allow the soil to become dry to the touch between watering. Feed him once a month in the summer months. 


He doesn't like the cold nor draughts so make sure he's kept over 13 degrees. 


He's toxic to pets and humans 

Top Tip: If you repot him make sure to use our Cacti & Succulent Soil