Alocasia Red Secret

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This beauty is rare and unique. Originating from south East Asia, the Alocasia Red secret has metallic deep red and green leaves that are almost iridescent. 

They will grow up to around 1m but pretty slowly. 

Looks good in our Eno Pot and Purple Glazed Flower Pot.

Plant size; D11cm H40cm

Plant Care


She likes a bright spot with indirect light. Keep her far away from direct sunlight as it will scorch and fade her pretty leaves.


Keep her soil evenly moist but not soggy. Water her once the top 2cm of soil is dry.


She loves humidity so if you can, keep her on a tray of wet pebbles, near a humidifier or group her with other plants.


She's poisonous if ingested so best to keep her away from pets and kids.