Asparagus Meyers

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Native to South Africa, the Asparagus Densiflorus Meyers is also known as the ‘foxtail Fern’. The foliage is needle-like, forming a feathery arch and as it ages the fronds go off in all interesting directions. It is not strictly a true fern but is a member of the lily family and is related to the asparagus fern.

They love humidity and a shady spot so work well in bathroom or kitchen and look great hanging.

(Pictured in our Lisbon Planter)

Plant Size: D17cm H45cm

Plant Care


Keep him in low, indirect sunlight.


Keep him moist and don’t let him dry out, he loves water. However, let him dry out a little more in winter before watering and always drain him before sitting back into the decorative pot.


To provide humidity to the stems, give it a little mist every other day.


Toxic to humans and pets.