Fishbone Cactus Hanger

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Originating from Mexico, the Epiphyllum Anguliger, also known as the 'fishbone cactus' makes for a great hanging plant and produces little scented flowers.

It has unusual zig zag foliage, making a cool addition to your urban jungle.

Plant Size: D15cm L45cm

Plant care


Keep him in a bright, indirect light. 


Allow the top few inches of soil to dry before watering, he prefers to be moist but never wet. Feed him more in the summer months.


He doesn't like the cold nor draughts so make sure he's kept over 15 degrees. He likes a lot of moisture so will benefit from a misting.


He's non toxic to pets.

Top Tip: If you repot him make sure to use our Cacti & Succulent Soil