Croton Plant

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The tropical Codiaeum Variegatum Pictum is native to India and Malaysia.

Known as the Croton plant or Joseph’s coat due to its many colours, this beauty can sometimes outshine other plants around the house due to its stiff, leathery leaves in bold colours of green, pink, yellow, orange & red. As it gets older the leaves can even start to go really dark too.

Plant Size:

Small D8.8cm H20cm

Large: D13cm H35cm

Plant care


He needs plenty of sunshine if not those vibrant colours will fade. Pop him in bright, indirect light. Some direct light won't harm in the morning and the evening. 


We recommend you keep him in damp soil at all times. He won't respond well to soil that is wet or dry and both will cause the leaves to droop. He will prefer lukewarm water too so he doesn't get too much of a shock.


Moist soil and humid air are a must and give his leaves a mist to keep them healthy. 


The sap it produces can hurt animals as well as humans, so best not have a nibble.